Richard Hibbitts Family


Richard Hibbitts (1844-1926) and wife Elizabeth Ann Henderson Hibbitts (1843 - 1884) Richard was a Civil War veteran and recieved a pension. He was married three times, first to Elizabeth Ann Henderson who died in 1884 giving birth to their 10 child. He than married Dicey Jane Mullins in 1889. He fathered an additional 5 more children, only 3 lived to adulthood. After Dicey died in 1902 he married Arminta Hall Mullins, he and Arminta divorced after about 6 months, they had no children. Richard traveled, according to his pension records (see "Hibbitts Documents") he lived a short time in the Old Veteran's Home at Levinworth, Kansas. Richard and Elizabeth Hibbitts are buried in the Hibbitts Cemetery at Hibbitts Gap, Va. (see Cemeteries)

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